How to remove .horsedeal File Virus from PCs

Complete .horsedeal File Virus removal guide Horsedeal or otherwise called .horsedeal File Virus is a huge risk ransomware infection. It encrypts stored files on host machine using some strong cipher algorithm. Once the files are encrypted, people are not able to use them. The ransomware adds .horsedeal extension to the filename of each encrypted file. Soon after encryption process is completed, it places a special text file into every infected folder. The text within the created file states that the files have been encrypted and that to recover the files, the victims need to purchase a unique decryption tool/software that the developers behind .horsedeal File Virus software have. The amount of the decryption tool is not mentioned in the ransom note. However, it is typically in between $500 and $1500. The crooks are ready to provide a proof that the decryption tool is really working. Nevertheless, you should never trust Read more