How to remove .Horriblemorning file virus and recover encrypted files

Easy .Horriblemorning file virus removal guide Globe Imposter or otherwise called .Horriblemorning file virus is a ransomware -type infection that infiltrates by stealth like Trojans and encrypts personal files of users stored on home computers and demands ransom for the decryption i.e., to purchase the decryption software. The most targeted files are audio, video, music, document, presentation and etc. The ransomware renames the filenames of these files with .Horriblemorning extension. Following to this, it drops a ransom note which gives the instruction to victims how they can allegedly get the data back. The ransom note appears in how_to_back_files.html file. It states that all the files have been encrypted and that victims need a unique decryptor to get them in the decrypted form. It asks users to pay a 1 BTC – form of cryptocurrency to any of the three provided sites -1, 2 and 3 – and Read more