Binance attacks: $41M BTC worth loss, affected users will be refunded

Binance, global cryptocurrency Exchange Company provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies, has released a report according to which attackers stole 7000BTC from their network. At the time of writing, this values worth up to $41M. Later on, it increased by 2% of the total Binance network and thus the total sum 7,074 BTC loss overall to company due to the attack. The CEO of the company, Changpeng Zhao, has reported that the data breach was discovered on 7th of this month. He added, the first time the company is experiencing such a big loss. The company manages to identity the transaction. According to it, the hackers transformed the money to a single wallet. It has ensured that the all other Bitoin are safe and will be in the future as well. But the bad news is that, as the company has added, there might be more infected Read more