Remove .gusau virus ransomware and restore the encrypted files

Complete .gusau virus ransomware removal instructions The .gusau virus ransomware is designed for the only motive to extort victims into paying ransom. To achieve this goal, the Crooks deny the users’ access to their most of the files stored on the PC with the help of the ransomware virus and then demand ransom fee to allegedly get the files back. The virus uses advanced encryption algorithm to encrypt the files and so directly description becomes impossible. They must need the unique key that Cyber Criminals use to lock the files. However, paying ransom is not a good choice. If you want to recover the files and remove .gusau virus ransomware, we recommend you read throughout the article. .gusau is another variant of Djvu/STOP family. It intrudes and drops various files in the different directories such as %AppData%, %Local%, %LocalLow%, %Roaming%, and %Temp% one of which contains ransom demanding message which Read more