GandCrab Operators use Vidar Infostealer to steal personal details

Cyber criminals behind GranCrab revive a latest version of the ransomware (GranCrab 5.04 ransomware) by adding Vidar Infostealer (a huge-risk Trojan virus) in the process for distributing the ransomware piece. The vidar Infostealer helps the cyber criminals in increase their benefits by stealing sensitive data before encrypting the computer files. Deep analysis Cybersercurity researchers found that Fallout Exploit Kit was used to spread the Infostealer called Vidar. According to them, bad actors use a rogue advertising domain. Visitors of this domain are redirected to the exploit Kit (EK). The Fallout pushed Vidar that work as a malware dropper and in this case the malware was GranCrab ransomware, said the Jerume Segura of Malwarebytes. Vidar is a commercial threat available for $700. It helps in stealing passwords and forms from web browsers. It collects specific information like payment card numbers, or credentials stored in various application. It can infiltrate malware and Read more