“Updates for Samsung” App Asks Users to Pay-up for Working Patches

According to report, CSIS Security group have researched that the deceptive app “Updates for Samsung” which is basically to designed to update Firmware for Samsung Smartphone without any cost. Apart from this Android application redirect users’ search on Ad-supported websites that shows ads in huge amount in order to convinces the users to pay up for the working security patches. The fact is that numerous users are not always able searching the correct Firmware & software updates for their Samsung Smartphone’s model, and due to this big reason, developers of Android take advantage of this situations and asks the targeted users to pay money. Let’s take have a look at story in detail. 10,000 Million Android Users/Customers Installed “Updates for Samsung” Report says, around 10,000 million Android users have already installed an updates for Samsung. According to security experts, the apps are not malicious at all which users have installed Read more

LeakerLocker Ransomware Attack on Android Device Through Google Play

Every once in a while, there comes a news about Google Play being a host of suspicious apps, that does suspicious activities in the targeted Android device. Though Google claims that the apps promoted on Google Play undergoes through several security checks and testing but unfortunately the news like always point a question marks on such claims. Recently, two new deceptive apps successfully made its way in the official Google Store and it is claimed to be containing a ransomware named as LeakerLocker. Namely, the two suspected applications are “Wallpaper Blur HD” and “Booster & Cleaner Pro”. Interestingly, these two apps has been successfully been downloaded by around 10,000 users in world-wide geographical regions.