Remove .good file virus and recover encrypted files

Complete step by step .good file virus removal instructions Jakub Kroustek discovered “good” or otherwise known as .good file virus is a new variant of Dharma ransomware family. It is high risk ransomware that infiltrates computers and encrypts most of the files stored on them. The files will receive .good extension name during encryption. Following to encrypting the files, the ransomware generates a text file named RETURN FILES.txt and drops it on the victims’ desktop and shows a pop-up Window. Like other variants of this family, .good file virus uses the text file and the pop-up Window to inform users about current situation and instructs them how they can now recover their files. According to short message on the text file, the victims need to contact Cyber criminals behind the ransomware to restore the files. The pop-up provides further information. According to it, the ransomware encrypts files via using RSA-124 Read more