How to remove .FC Virus File and decrypt .FC files

Easy .FC Virus File removal guide Paradise ransomware releases its new variant FC or .FC Virus File the name is given after the unique extension that it uses to rename the files after encrypting them and making them unusable or inaccessible. You will see a file 1.jpg after getting encrypted by this ransomware as renamed to 1.jpg_Support_{Y03wJU}.FC. Following to this, it creates a ransom note containing instruction on how to restore these files. This note is found in text file titled —==%$$$OPEN_ME_UP$$$==—.txt. The ransom note states that the files are encrypted and that victims need to contact Cybercriminals through online chat through provided link. To start the chat, users should use the provided ID number and their email address. After contacting, the crooks provide the further instruction how to pay a ransom. Further, the written text instructs victims not to rename the files and try to manually decrypt them as Read more