Remove .droprapid file virus

Complete .droprapid file virus removal guide Droprapid or otherwise called .droprapid file virus is an updated variant of rapid ransomware. It encrypts files stored and demands ransom payment for their alleged recovery. During encryption, it appends the filenames of the files using .droprapid extension name. Following to this, it displays the ransom demanding message in “!DECRYPT_DROPRAPID.txt” file. The created text file containing message informs users about the ransomware attack that makes the files unusable. To restore them, they are encouraged to contact the ransomware developers using provided email address. It further states, the files decryption requires a unique key that only the ransomware developers can provide. This is true that a unique key is required to unlock the files since the droprapid encrypts them using AES encryption algorithm that allows developers to create a password for the files to lock them. All the keys are stored on remote server which Read more