How to remove .dqb File Virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete .dqb File Virus removal instructions The .dqb extension is associated with Dharma ransomware which encrypts major files on a targeted PC and then demands ransom fee for their recovery. The files are inaccessible because the ransomware locks them via using some strong cipher algorithm. Once the encryption process is completed, the .dqb File Virus drops a ransom note which tries to tempt users into paying ransom fee to CyberCriminals. Follow this article and see how you can recover the files without negotiating the Cyber Criminals. .dqb File Virus –some more facts .dqb ransomware intrudes inside PC without users’ consent and attempts to evade detection by running specific checks for system security measures. After that, it conducts serious of malevolent activities that affect the settings of important system components which enable it to perform encryption process. The ransomware uses AES encryption algorithm and encrypts the stored files. The main targeted Read more