Hacker Infected Over 100,000 Home Routers In Brazil: Why Targeting Brazilian?

According to report, Brazilian users have been experiencing new types of router attack that has not been seen anywhere else in the world. Worst thing about this router attack is that is able to lead direct financial losses for hacked users. Since, the incident was started in last summer and were the first observed by Cyber security firm Radware, and month later security researches from Netlab. Both the security based companies were explained how the hacker group had infected over 100,000 home routers in Brazil and were altering their DNS settings as well. Let’s take have a look at story in detail. Radware and Netlab Researchers explained, hacker infected over 100,000 home routers in Brazil At the time when Radware and Netlab both the security company explained about the incident, the modification were made to these routers which redirected infected users to malicious websites whenever they tried to visit e-banking Read more