How to remove .dever File Virus and recover .dever files

Simple methods to delete .dever File Virus from OS According to the experts, it is discovered by researchers as an extraordinary computer threat which is notorious enough to infect system harshly. This threat belongs to family of ransomware which can also be referred as data locking virus or cryptomalware. This malware is created and distributed by hackers with an evil intention and wrong motives. This virus is able to infect all types of system files such as images, audios, videos, documents as well as banking details and makes it totally useless. After successful encryption, it adds “.dever” extensions to the end of filenames and makes them completely unusable. Once this process completed, .dever File Virus creates ransom note and place it on your desktop to inform you about encryption and demand ransom money. As usual, the ransom note contain brief message which states victims that all their  files have been Read more