Delete .zoh Files Virus (Dharma) and recover the encrypted files

Complete information about .zoh Files Virus (Dharma) .zoh Files Virus (Dharma) is a ransomware type virus belongs to Dharma ransomware. Like its predecessor, .zoh ransomware encrypts the personal files stored on the targeted PC making them inaccessible and then ask victims to pay ransom in order to get the encrypted files to work once again. Only difference in this variant is that the files encrypted by this threat get extension name .joh, in addition with unique id name and the email address attach to it. For an instance, Tab.docx file after being encrypted get renamed as[[email protected]].zoh. Ransom note appear after that with a title All Files Encrypted “RSA1024” states that stored files have been encrypted, if you want to restore the files back, send the id number provided to you to email address within the ransom note. According to the ransom note, victims have only 7 day after- only Read more