How to remove .xxxx files virus and recover the encrypted files

 Step by step method to delete .xxxx files virus .xxxx files virus is a new variant of Dharma ransomware which encrypts the files and then demands ransom payment in order to supposedly recover them. Unique extension .xxxx gets appended on the encryption files. The files become inaccessible or useless. The ransomware drops a ransom note containing information about the data encryption including ransom demanding message. Name: .xxxx files virus Type: Ransomware  Short detail: The ransomware encrypts files on your computer and demands ransom fee to supposedly recover them. Symptoms: The important files stored on computer gets .xxxx extension name and become inaccessible Distribution method: Spam email campaign Detection Tool: Run system scan with Spyhunter The ransom note contains short message stating that .xxxx files virus encrypted all the stored files on the computer by using RSA1024 making directly decryption impossible. According to it, users require a unique decryption tool (embedded Read more