How to remove .Wav_List Virus Ransomware and recover encrypted files

Complete information about .Wav_List Virus Ransomware with removal guide .Wav_List Virus Ransomware is a notorious computer virus designed by hackers to extort money from novice users. It encrypts stored files by using some cipher encryption algorithm and appending .Wav as the file extension name. For example, a file name 1.jpg after getting encrypted by this ransomware will be renamed as 1.jpg.waz. Soon after the encryption, the files become inaccessible or useless. The ransomware drops a ransom note on .txt file on each folder containing encrypted files and also on victims’ desktop. The ransom note states, the victims require a unique decryption tool from the ransomware developers to get the files back. Without this decryption tool, the victims will not able to access the files. Unfortunately, this is true. Typically, a ransomware virus encrypts files by using some encryption algorithm. In the process of encryption, the developers are allowed to create Read more