Remove .velso extension Virus (Complete Virus Removal Guide)

How to uninstall .velso extension Virus (Solution) .velso extension Virus is one of the most notorious malware that is categorized as ransomware. It infects your entire computer deeply. This file encrypting virus can modify your all files by appending .velso extension on each file and make them lock. It can encrypt your all files including images, audios, videos, games, documents, text, ppt, pdf, xlx, css, html and other files of your System and drops ransom notes on your computer screen. You may see the message on ransom note screen like “Hi, your all files has been locked due to security reasons. You need to pay $500-$1500 ransom money in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins for the decryption key. Otherwise, it can delete your all files forever”. .velso extension Virus has identified by Cyber security experts and they have given appropriate solution as per System requirements. It can attack your Read more