Easy steps to remove .STUB Files Virus (Paradise)

Delete .STUB Files Virus (Paradise) from the system Paradise is a ransomware-type virus that encrypts the stored files. It is capable of encrypting almost all the files including images, audios, videos, documents and presentations etc. The files that are encrypted by the Paradise ransomware get .STUB extension name, for example, a file name ‘a.jpg’ after encrypting get renamed as ‘a.jpg.STUB’. Soon the encryption process is completed, .STUB Files Virus (Paradise) creates a ransom message file Instrucitons with your files.txt and puts it on each and every folder containing the encrypted files. The ransom note states the users that their files have encrypted by paradise ransomware. It instructs the victims to pay ransom fee to make the file access once again. It stated in the ransom note that, the victims have to pay ransom fee to get a unique decryption keys. The amount of money is not fixed, however, is in Read more