Delete .STG files Virus from the system

How to remove .STG files Virus .STG files Virus is one that encrypts your stored files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, and databases etc and makes them inaccessible. This allows the developers behind the threat to demand ransom money as a ransom to supposedly restore the files. They design a short message to inform their victim about the ransomware attack and to provide them ransom payment details. Keep reading the article and see how you can restore some of your files. .STG files Virus– overview .STG files Virus is a variant of Globe Imposter. It encrypts the stored files and appends a .STG extension to their filenames. After that, it creates an .html file that bears the name of how_to_back_fies.html that contains a short message that informs the victims about the ransomware attack and asks them purchasing a unique decryption key from the .STG files Virus developers. Typically, ransomware Read more