How to remove .Rar files virus and recover encrypted files

Complete information about .Rar files virus The .Rar files virus or UNNAM3D is a newly detected ransomware virus that target users’ data. It encrypts the stored files by on a compromised PC by some strong cipher algorithm and makes them inaccessible. The files are then placed in password protected RAR archives and thereby taking the extension of the compressed format. Soon after the encryption process is completed, the ransomware drops a ransom messages stating the victims now need to pay ransom fee as a ransom to get the files back. Threat Summary Name: .Rar files virus Type: Ransomware Short description: The ransomware encrypts your files on your computer and then demands ransom fee to be paid to allegedly get the files back Symptoms: The ransomware encrypts stored files by using strong cipher algorithm making them inaccessible and puts .rar extension to their name. Distribution: Spam email attachments Damages: The ransomware Read more