How to remove .PLANT Files Virus (Matrix)

Delete .PLANT Files Virus (Matrix) from the system .PLANT Virus belongs to a Matrix ransomware. Once activated, it scans the stored files on the targeted device and encrypts them by using some sophisticated algorithms. It can encrypt any type of files including images, audios, videos, documents, databases, presentations etc. After being encrypted, the filenames get renamed by “.PLANT” extension adding on the original name, for ex, the file name “1.jpg” after encryption get renamed to “1.jpg.PLANT”. After the encryption, all the files stored on the system become inaccessible that allow the developers of the ransomware to blackmail the victims into transferring a ransom fee to supposedly restore the files. The ransomware make the developers to place their ransom note on each folder of the encrypted files. The ransom note appears in .txt form and is contains the ransomware attack information and the ransom fee payment instruction to get a unique Read more