How to remove .phoenix files virus and restore the encrypted files

Simple method to delete .phoenix files virus .phoenix files virus is a file encrypting virus that encrypts the stored files on PC and appends their filenames by .phoenix extension name. Soon after that, the files become inaccessible. It encrypts the files by using AES-256 encryption algorithm and makes the directly decryption impossible. This creates a situation for the developers to blackmail the victims. They demand huge ransom payment through a ransom note to supposedly provide the files in decrypted form. Phoenix ransomware generates the ransom note in the .txt file format by the name “Important!.txt” and places it in a folder on each encrypted files and on the desktop. The short message on the text file states that the files are encrypted and the victims must have to pay a ransom of .2 Bitcoin to get restored their files. There is not much more information is provided on the ransom Read more