How to remove .Ordinal Extension Virus (Complete Guide)

Steps to Uninstall .Ordinal Extension Virus .Ordinal Extension Virus is a perilous and nuisance ransomware infection which has been crafted cyber-criminals in order to cheat the innocent victims. This file-encrypting malware hacks the infected PC and starts locking the important files and programs. Whenever you try to access the files, you will notice a ransom note that appears on the screen immediately. According to the ransom note, the cyber-criminals demand the victims to pay certain ransom money in order to get the decryption key. .Ordinal Extension Virus primarily encrypts the files and programs that you use the most. That could be the files related to MS Office, multimedia files, and so on. You will not be able to access these files at all unless you have the original decryption key. Cyber-criminals have used the combination of AES and RSA cipher in order to encrypt the targeted files. Their decryption code Read more