Easy guide to remove .norvas ransomware

How to delete .norvas ransomware .norvas ransomware is a new variant of DJVU family. An unknown group of hackers design and deliver it for monetary purpose. The perilous threat encrypts the data stored on the system and makes them useless. Like other variants of this family, .norvas ransomware appends a unique extension name to the encrypted files. It uses “.norvas” name places it on the name of each encrypted files, for example, a file named “1.jpg” get renamed into “1.jpg.norvas”. Immediately after encrypting the files, .norvas ransomware generates a ransom note to inform the victims about the attack and instructs them contacting ransomware developers to get a decryption tool of the encrypted files. The developers demand Bitcoin, a virtual currency, to provide that decryptor. However, this is not a good choice to contact them for the files retrieval. Cyber Security always recommend not to pay the ransom fee to the Read more