Remove .LOTR Files Virus (Mordor Ransomware): Easy & Effective Tricks

All Details About .LOTR Files Virus (Mordor Ransomware) & How It Should Be Terminated From Computers The term .LOTR Files Virus (Mordor Ransomware) is identified coming from RaaS scheme called Mordor ransomware family, which is still alive and infecting computers. This hectic virus also aims to affect and encode saved data or files on computer and append the file extension using AES and RSA cryptographic algorithm. This virus once manage to fulfill its processes on targeted computer, then it sets a Sauron’s wallpaper of movie Lord of the Rings and adds a ransom message to it with extortion note and instructions. Summarized detail about .LOTR Files Virus (Mordor Ransomware) Name: .LOTR Files Virus (Mordor Ransomware) Type: Ransomware, Cryptovirus Description: Impacts and encrypts all stored files on computer and enforce users to pay a specified ransom amount. Distribution: Exploit kit, Infectious DLL files, Malicious javascripts, drive by downloads, third party trojans. Read more