How to remove .lotep Files Virus (file retrieval information included)

Know about .lotep Files Virus and its dangerous impact .lotep Files Virus is another variant of STOP/DJVU ransomware. It encrypts stored files of computers by AES encryption cipher algorithm and then demands ransom payment for supposedly get them back. As a ransom, huge Bitcoin sum of money transfer in between $300 to $1500 depends upon the size of the encrypted files. The ransom demanding message is displayed on file named readme-txt dropped soon after the files encryption process is completed. Read the article and see how you can recover the files without negotiating the Cyber Criminals behind the ransomware. Quick Glance Name: .lotep Files Virus Type: Ransomware Short Detail: The ransomware encrypts the files, marks .lotep appendixes to their name at the end, making them inaccessible Symptoms: file stored on computer get renamed by .lotep extension. A ransom note file name _readme.txt asks victims paying ransom fee to get the Read more