Proper Guide To Remove .lockedfile extension ransomware

Know About .lockedfile extension ransomware .lockedfile extension ransomware is another dreadful crypto-threat designed by a team of potent cyber criminals with their sole motive to blackmail rookie users in order to extort illicit revenues from them. This hazardous ransomware uses a sophisticated algorithm to encrypt each single file stored on the internal memory of your PC such as videos, music, images, PDFs, documents, presentations etc. and makes them completely inaccessible. Files locked by this notorious threat can be easily identified because it appends “lockedfile” extension with the name of each of them. Once the encryption process is completed, .lockedfile extension ransomware demands an amount of ransom money in order to get the decryption tool and open the locked files. Security experts strongly deny from making any sort of payment to the attackers because they are never going to provide you the necessary tool even after taking the ransom. Reports say, Read more