Know How To Remove LIGMA ransomware From Computer

Important Facts About LIGMA ransomware LIGMA ransomware is a new destructive file-encrypting malware that has been recently discovered by security analysts in September 2018. Although, many other crypto-viruses are developed by the scammers with the purpose to lock users’ crucial files and then extort huge amount of ransom money from them but, this particular one is little different. It does encrypt files and data stored in the internal memory of the affected PC, but, so far it hasn’t been reported that it has asked ransom money from the victims after the encryption. LIGMA ransomware often gains silent intrusion in the Windows 7 devices without being acknowledged by the users and then locates itself in ‘C:\ WinWOW32’ folder. It uses powerful AES cryptography to lock your essential files and appends “.ForgiveME” extension with the name of each of them.  Aside from encrypting your crucial data, this perilous malware also locks the Read more