How to remove .lcphr files virus and retrieve the encrypted files

Complete .lcphr files virus removal instructions .lcphr files virus or loochiper is a ransomware type computer virus that encrypts files by appending .lchpr extension, making them inaccessible. The extortionists behind this threat blackmail users into paying ransom fee as a ransom to supposedly get the files back. They design a ransom note and drop on each and every folder containing encrypted files. This file contains a short message to instruct victims how they can allegedly restore their files. Threat Summary Name: .lcphr files virus Threat Type: Ransomware Short details: It encrypts files on the computer and demands ransom to be paid to allegedly restore them. Symptoms: The ransomware encrypts the files and appends them .lcphr extension to their filenames. Distribution method: Spam emails, email attachments Detection tool: use antivirus suites such as Spyhunter to detect and delete the virus .lcphr files virus –how did it intrude? A payload, which initiates Read more