Remove L1LL Ransomware: Easy uninstall guide

How to delete L1LL Ransomware L1LL is another ransomware type virus that encrypts the stored data and demands ransom fee to retrieve them back to their original accessible condition. It is capable of encrypting any type of files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases etc. The encrypted files will receive .L1LL extension to their filenames, for example, a file name 1.jpg after being encrypted by this ransomware will rename as 1.jpg.L1LL. After completing the process of encryption, it generates a text file (“help.txt”) and drops a copy in every folder containing the encrypted files. Ransom note to supposedly provide a decrypter “help.txt” file appears on each folder containing encrypted file. This is known as ransom note because this is designed by Cybercriminals behind this threat for the sole motive to trick the victims into believing that they have a decryption tool which helps in decryption of the encrypted files. Read more