How to remove JS/Spigot.B

Delete JS/Spigot.B from the system JS/Spigot.B offers advance tabs functionality that allowing developers to money from advertising. However, it is promoted by using potentially unwanted program. The PUPs belonging to an adware family or a browser hijacker family virus intrude on the system and cause many malicious activities on the installed browsers. They modify the browser settings and set JS/Spigot.B site on the homepage, search engine and new tab pages. Due to this, the victims are forced to visit JS/Spigot.B site all the time when they open their browsers. The JS/Spigot.B site redirects the browser sessions and delivers numerous malicious advertisements. The main issue with the advertisements is that they display commercial content on the affected browsers, which could contain malicious codes clicking on which could cause more malicious malware intrusions. Risk associated with JS/Spigot.B The developers of the PUP monitor the users’ web browsing activity and collect the browsing Read more