Easy steps to delete Install.any-templates.com

How to remove Install.any-templates.com Install.any-templates.com is a malicious website promotes itself as a genuine search provider which shows improved search result and enhanced the web browsing experiences. It might look legitimate. However, it is promoted by a bogus application through rogue downloaders/installers setup that hijacks the installed browsers and modifies the settings. Besides this, it redirects the search queries, delivers intrusive advertisements and gathers the browsing related data. How did Install.any-templates.com infiltrate? Install.any-templates.com is promoted by some potentially unwanted applications. The PUAs intrude inside the PC by stealth with some regular software when the users do not focus well at the download/installation moment. Developers attach their malicious application under the Custom/Advanced settings of installation process. Reckless behavior during the software download and skipping installation at the installation moment lead the malware attached on the regular software to get inside the PC. More about Install.any-templates.com The PUAs get install and immediately Read more