How to remove .horon Files Virus and retrieve the encrypted files

Easy step by step .horon Files Virus removal instructions .horon Files Virus is the name given to a ransomware virus named STOP ransomware. This ransomware encrypts the stored files by using chipper encryption algorithm and appends .horon extension to their name. Soon after the encryption, the files including images, audios, videos, databases, backups and banking credentials and etc become inaccessible. Then, the virus attempts to blackmail the victims into paying ransom fee for the .horon files recovery. It drops the ransom note in _readme.txt. Cyber Experts advise not to negotiate to the extortionists behind the threat for the data recovery as this may lead to some serious concerned related to privacy and system. The steps below the article help you to remove the malicious malware and present you with data recovery instruction. .horon Files Virus –infiltration and damages At present, .horon Files Virus is lurking around the web. It payload Read more