Remove HackTool:win32/AutoKMS: Simple Removal Steps

Know about HackTool:win32/AutoKMS HackTool:win32/AutoKMS is a notorious Trojan virus which sneaks into your computer secretly and contributes series of malicious activities. It mainly targets Windows based PC systems and has ability to infect almost all versions of Windows OS including the latest Win 10. It hides itself deep inside the computer and begins executing evil tasks in the background. Due to this threat, you will have to deal with a number of hazardous issues while surfing the web as well as while doing Offline tasks. Your default browser and system’s settings are replaced without your consent. Your search results are redirected to unknown and questioning web portals where many third party stuffs are promoted. HackTool:win32/AutoKMS disables all the security measures in the PC including anti-virus tool and security programs and opens loopholes for other Online infections. Due to this, your system might be attacked by other infections too that can Read more