Remove .HACK files virus –complete guide [data recovery instructions included]

Complete information about .HACK files virus and its removal guide Lawrence Abrams discovered, .HACK files virus is Dharma family belonging virus. Its main aim is to encrypt the stored data and then demands ransom payment from the victims to supposedly get their files back. The encrypted files get marked with .HACK appendix and become inaccessible. The main targeted files are: Images, Audios, Videos, Documents, Databases, Backups, And Banking credentials And other files containing important information Soon after encryption, .HACK files virus or .HACK ransomware opens a pop-up Window and creates five text files namely (“@readme_English.txt”, “How_to_decrypt_files.txt” [same content as in “@readme_English.txt”], “@Leggimi_decrypt_Italian.txt”, “@Readme_Spanish.txt”, and “@Readme_turkish.txt”) and an image file (“hacked.jpg”). The Pop-up and the text files contain ransom demanding message in different language such as English, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. The short message on the pop-up and the text file is designed to blackmail the victims into paying ransom fee Read more