How to delete GWCtlSrv.exe.2188

Remove GWCtlSrv.exe.2188 from the system GWCtlSrv.exe.2188 is a malicious computer infection belongs to a Trojan infection. It intrudes without users’ consent and conducts numerous malicious activities to acquire complete control on the PC. Initially, it makes entry into the boot section and modifies the registry settings to gain the power to activate with each OS reboot. It even alters other vital settings such as PC arrangements, DNS configurations, firewall security measures and even installed antivirus program. How GWCtlSrv.exe.2188 intrudes?  GWCtlSrv.exe.2188 mostly intrudes with some free-software download. Freeware developers promote the additional module with their program to gain the benefits of pay-per-install scheme. They hide the additionally attached program/app under the Custom/Advanced settings of installation process. Many a user rushes while downloading software/apps any skipping crucial steps at the time of installation. The skipping steps allow the additionally attached program to get install into the device. Affect on the system GWCtlSrv.exe.2188 Read more