Remove .GOTYA files virus: Easy Solutions

Steps To Remove .GOTYA files virus Hassle Free .GOTYA files virus is another lately discovered crypto malware infection that belongs to ransomware family and easily means this object if manage to get installed, will encrypt your data to make them inaccessible. So, this program is completely a typical infection that will bring devastating results on infected Windows. Similar to all other ransomware members, .GOTYA files virus is also developed, designed and promoted by professional hackers to scare users through encrypting their data and demanding a huge amount of buck in order to provide them access to their data. They apparently claim the victims will be provided with a valid decrypt tool with pass code using which encryption can easily be reverted, but these claims never guarantee for perfect data recovery. So to conclude, this program is programmatically developed only to blackmail users and earn money from them forcefully. Although these Read more