Remove Golden Axe ransomware and retrieve the encrypted files

 How to delete Golden Axe ransomware from the system Golden Axe is one that encrypts stored data on a computer and makes them inaccessible until the ransom demand is made. CyberSecurity experts have discovered it recently and announced on Twitter. What’s the unique about this threat is that unlike other ransomware viruses, it encrypts the files by adding a completely ransom five-character extension.  Soon after completing the process of encryption, it generates a ransom note to informs the victims and instruct them paying ransom fee to get the files in the original form. Golden Axe ransomware displays the ransom note in three different format, # instructions-ID#.txt, # instructions-ID#.vbs, and # instructions-ID#.jpg. These ransom notes contain email addresses [email protected] or [email protected] and a unique ID number associated with each victim. More about the ransom note  According to the ransom note, the victims have to buy the decryption key from the developers Read more