Delete God Crypt Joke Ransomware From System: Complete Guideline

Easy Way To Remove God Crypt Joke Ransomware God Crypt Joke Ransomware is a type bogus crypto-malware which silently infiltrates your PC and then replaces the desktop background with another image that includes ransom demanding message. Unlike other specific file-encrypting viruses, it doesn’t encrypt any data but still, tries to scare users into believing that their files have been encrypted. It puts a ransom note on the desktop and demands a ransom amount of $100 in BitCoins in order to get back access to the locked files again. Looking at the ransom note, it can be compared with WannaCry Ransomware but in reality, God Crypt Joke Ransomware has nothing do with data-encryption and hence, it’s not a real threat for your essential files and data. The ransom note contains following message: Ooops, your important files are encrypted. If you see this text, but don’t see the “Wanna Decrypt0r” window, then Read more