How to delete Gen:Variant.Adware.PayByAds.2 from PCs

Step by step method to remove Gen:Variant.Adware.PayByAds.2 Gen:Variant.Adware.PayByAds.2 is a potentially unwanted program or adware virus. This threat is designed by Cyber Crooks for only intension to generate quick revenue. This application mainly targets the browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and etc. Once inside, it scans for the active browsers and changes their settings. It opens a new tab page/Window for some dubious site that continuously either displays graphical contents or redirects to suspicious websites. Typically, this determines after detecting IP addresses and knowing the Geo-location of the particular PC. However, the both lead the users to some suspicious sites full of advertisements, scams and even some sort of malware. Further, the adware and the bogus site continuously track the browsing activities and easily collect the non-personal identifiable information that includes IP addresses, Search queries, Viewed pages, URLs visited Bookmark saved, and etc. The details could be Read more