How to remove GEFEST Ransomware from the system

Delete GEFEST Ransomware with easy steps  GEFEST is a new variant of Scarab ransomware. It is discovered by Emmanuel_ADC-Soft. It is programmed with the sole motive to generate quick revenue. Upon getting inside, this nasty ransomware encrypts the stored data and makes them inaccessible. It is capable of encrypting any type of data including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, and databases etc. It appends the filenames of encrypted files by using “.GEFEST” extension, for example, a file name “1.jpg” after being encrypted by this ransomware will be renamed as “1.jpg.GEFEST”. Soon after that, GEFEST Ransomware generates a .txt file named “HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.txt”. This file is often known as ransom note, since it contains the message designed by the ransomware developers to blackmail the victims into paying ransom fee to get restore back the encrypted files. The ransom note states that the GEFEST Ransomware encrypts the stored data Read more