Easy guide to remove GANDCRAB 5.1 (v5.1) Ransomware

Delete GANDCRAB 5.1 (v5.1) Ransomware This blogs will guide you in removing the GANDCRAB 5.1 (v5.1) Ransomware virus from your system as well as retrieve the files, encrypted by it. GANDCRAB 5.1 (v5.1) Ransomware is a new variant of GANDCRAB Ransomware. It encrypts the stored data and then demands ransom fee to decrypt the files for the further use. It uses the Salsa20 chiper algorithm to encrypt the files. The Salsa20 differs in RSA and AES algorithms in respect that the former can encrypt all files within a minute. Like other viruses, the ransomware version 5.1 also appends a unique extension name to the encrypted files. Immediate after that, it creates a ransom note that instruct users paying ransom fee as a ransom to get the unique ‘privacy keys’ from which the files are locked. It is capable for encrypting almost all the files including images, audios, videos, documents, databases, Read more