Remove/Decrypt Fuck_You Ransomware in Easy Steps

Fuck_You Ransomware is another hidden-tear project ransomware which was published by Utku Sen for educational purpose. However, the cyber-criminals exploited its full source code and upgraded it in a hardcore data-encrypting malware infection. Its related ransom note is directly displayed on the computer screen. Its first report was notice on an Online security format by a PC security researcher. As the further researches shows, Fuck_You Ransomware is still under its development phase. It uses a combination of RSA and AES encryption algorithm in order to encrypt the targeted files. Once this happens properly, it drops a ransom note file in the folder that contains the encrypted files.  Again the ransom note asks the victims to buy certain money for getting the decryption key. It is strongly recommended that you should never pay money to cyber-criminals. You never get the original decryption key even after the money is paid.  It is Read more