Delete FromPdfToDoc pop-up from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

What is FromPdfToDoc? FromPdfToDoc promotes itself as an easy way to convert to various files. The description states that this application can covert the following file to .DOC format –PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, PPT,BMP, JPG,TIFF etc. However, users have complained about this file by stating that the app intrudes by stealth without their permission. According to Cybersecurity experts, FromPdfToDoc is a browser hijacker application that targets web browsers. It is capable of hijacking any popular browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox etc. More about FromPdfToDoc pop-up Once intrudes, FromPdfToDoc hijacks the default browser and modifies its settings to drops its own homepage, the start page and a new tab page. These changes are not insignificant. The hijacker virus installs some browser helper objects without the victims’ permission to reassign the changes time to time and prevent them to restore the settings to the default. Simply says, Read more