Remove FriendlyAppz Adware (How to Uninstall FriendlyAppz Adware)

Proper Guidance to Delete FriendlyAppz Adware FriendlyAppz Adware is giving a very tough time to me while Online browsing. It has hijacked the browser and often redirects the webpage over malevolent commercial domains.  I have restored the browser and removed all the recently installed programs from the PC but the problems still persists. I think it is spying on my browsing activities because I am noticing customized advertisements bombarding which are based on my browsing habits. Please provide guidance to completely remove FriendlyAppz Adware from my PC. FriendlyAppz Adware is a webpage redirect virus that takes advantage of user’s carelessness while Online browsing and secretly intrudes in the browser or PC hard-disk. There are so many installers and suspicious freeware over Internet which bundles suspicious malware codes with them. Software updates notification, Online video streaming player etc. often contains additional codes attachments with them. It drops nasty plug-ins and browser Read more