How to remove .french101 file virus (files retrieval guide included)

Easy guide to delete .french101 file virus Sir, many of stored files on my system have been locked and renamed by a unique extension “.french101”, due to which I would not able to access to my files. Suggest me some guideline what to do the next. Well, your system has been infected by a ransomware threat French101. It is a new threat in the Wild. Like other ransomware viruses, it encrypts the stored data by using some sophisticated cryptographic encryption algorithm and the files inaccessible.  Soon after that, it drops a ransom note to give allegedly instructions how they can restore their files. How did the infection occur? It is not exactly known the way through which this threat infiltrates. .french101 file virus might spread its function via a payload dropper. This payload creates malicious scripts of the ransomware. The payloads could be distributed on the social media, freeware and Read more