How to remove FreezedByWizard Ransomware (with data recovery instruction)

Easy step by step method to delete FreezedByWizard Ransomware FreezedByWizard Ransomware is a ransomware discovered by Petrovic. Computers infected with this virus when users open some PowerShell Script file. Once inside, it scans for the files, including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking credentials and etc, by using their extension, encrypts them by using some encryption algorithm and marking .FreezedByWizard extension. For example a file name Sample.jpg after being encrypted by this virus gets renamed as Sample.jpg.FreezedByWizard. After completing encryption process, the ransomware creates a ransom note in a .txt file name .FreezedByMagic.README.txt and drops it on the victims’ desktop. Threat Summary Name: FreezedByWizard Ransomware Type: Ransomware Extension use: .FreezedByWizard Ransom note: .FreezedByWizard.README.txt Symptoms: stored files can’t be accessed. Their filenames get .FreezedByWizard extension name Distribution: intrudes in through a powershell script file. Removal: Use spyhunter or other antivirus tool The ransom note states, the only way Read more