Remove Free Converterz from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

What is Free Converterz? Free Converterz is a browser hijacker type application. It intrudes into any Windows PC without users’ permission. It targets Web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox etc. Upon getting inside, it hijacks the installed browsers and modifies the settings. It sets “” the main browser’ search engine, tab and search page by replacing the default one. It downloads several helper objects to prevent the victims to restore the settings to the default. Why is dangerous? Free Converterz force you to browse through by redirecting the default browser’s settings all the time. As a result, web browsing experience significantly decreases. Apart from this, this nasty site gathers the browsing related data including IP addresses, search queries, viewed page, URLs visited. These details include the personal details. These details are shared to other third party programmers who use it to create eye-catching advertisements Read more