How To Delete FilesLocker v2.1 Ransomware From PC

Easy Way To Remove FilesLocker v2.1 Ransomware FilesLocker v2.1 Ransomware is a new deadly crypto-malware which upon getting into your PC, encrypts your crucial files and data stored in the internal memory of the device and makes them completely inaccessible. It belongs to the family of well-known FileLocker virus and is capable of infecting almost all types of files including images, videos, music, documents, presentations etc. It uses a powerful cryptography to lock the targeted files and appends a unique extension with each of them. The real objective of the crooks behind developing this deadly threat is to extort huge amount of ransom money from you. And therefore, following successful encryption, FilesLocker v2.1 Ransomware demands an amount of ransom money to get the decryptor tool and open the locked files. Should I Pay The Ransom Money? This perilous malware doesn’t leave any option to you other than dealing with the Read more