Feed.thegamesearcher.com: How to remove? (Step by step instruction)

Delete Feed.thegamesearcher.com from the system Feed.thegamesearcher.com is a malicious website. It presents itself as a genuine search engine. The developers offer improved web browsing experiences by generating improved search results, quick access to popular websites and various other useful features. However, it is promoted through a browser hijacker application named “TheGameSearcher” which hijacks the installed browsers and modifies their settings. Additionally, it causes searches redirects, delivers numerous malicious advertisements and gathers browsing related data. If you have Feed.thegamesearcher.com in the place of the main browser search engine, tab and homepage, you must have the browser hijacker application in your device. Do not need to be worry, read the article carefully. How does the infection occur? “TheGameSearcher” is mostly delivered by using “bundling” methods. In the deceptive method of bundling stealth installation of some malicious application takes place with some regular software. Users install the malicious application which is attached with Read more