Delete FedEx Tracking Scam from the system

How to remove FedEx Tracking Scam “FedEx Tracking Scam” is a spam email campaign message that Cybercriminals designed for the sole motive to infiltrate the malicious Hancitor Trojan. The spam email contains a short message that gives the status regarading FedEx delivery.  This is an attempt through which the scammers trick the recipients into opening some malicious attachment containing the malware. Some facts about the Hancitor Trojan Upon clicking the malicious attachment, the recipients install the Hancitor Trojan virus into their system. This Trojan will conduct numerous malicious activities and cause many malicious PC issues. It bears the capabilities to modify the registry settings and gain the access to the boot section. Thus, it will run all the time on the PC background that downgrade the PC normal behavior. The Hancitor Trojan can connect the PC settings to command and control server. The server is controlled by hackers who can Read more